Welcome To The Official Site Of Tybee Island American Legion Post 154!

    We welcome all veterans who have served, or presently serving,
from any of the armed services to visit our legion.
Post 154 is open to the public however,  if you are visiting as a guest in the Canteen, our bar, please sign our guest registry upon entering. The Canteen is an adult only watering hole.


   Memorial Park on Tybee Island Georgia is home to the Tybee Island Veteran's Circle of Freedom Memorial Monument that enshrines and encompasses brave souls from each branch of our services. It is a representation of a community that stands proudly together supporting all that this nation represents- love of family, freedom for all. 

 The Post 154 website is your electronic magazine featuring articles on veterans issues and historical accounts of past and present events that have and continue to affect us all. 






A series of articles, "Vet Views" features interviews with veterans, their families, and friends and their life changing paths. It is my intent to put a face on the word "veteran" and to parallel their path with our world's historical events.

I invite all visiting this website to share links or articles regarding veterans, their families, and friends to me, Jacque Dorazio. I would be happy to add to the featured stories or share your personal story of military or historical events that continue to shape us today.

  Thank you for your interest, thank you for supporting the veterans, their families, and friends! 
                                                                                                                                                 Jacque Dorazio . Post 154 Website Designer                                                                                jacque@tybeeislandamericanlegion.org

The Legion Bytes Page Features Monthly Highlights Of Our Military History.

It is listed in chronological order January thru December. 

There are sub pages under this page with special features on a variety of subjects:

from K-9 history to our local Otranto story.

I hope you find each piece as interesting as I have with my research.

Jacque Dorazio . POST 154 Web Designer . all rights reserved


.  .  .  . LEGION REOPENING PROTOCOL .  .  .  .

. . . CANTEEN . . . 
Maximum of 35 people at one time in the Canteen
Temperatures will be taken at the door. If you are in a group and one has a temp of 100.4 or above,
the entire group must leave.  All visitor's name & phone numbers shall be recorded.
. . .  Everyone must sign in  . . .
Sorry, No glassware is being used- only plastic or styrofoam.
If you prefer a wine glass, bring one from home but you must take it back home that day.
  Please Wear A Mask . Hand sanitizer is available.

We Are Now Serving Dinners!

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 Please Be Aware Any Of The Information-

Opening, Closing, Events, At Post 154 May Not Be Accurate

The Web Designer Relays The Information To You On The Website

As It Is Received From Your Post 154 Officers.

"Why do you want to interview me for the American Legion website?

I didn't do anything special "   

I have heard that question many times over and each time

I chuckle and reply; I am sorry, you are mistaken.

Any person who has served, or currently serving, has their own intrinsic story to tell.

You are a special piece in this puzzle that has aided in maintaining our democracy and the history of our culture. Your life path is special to us all.

I believe we are all pieces within this great puzzle of democracy and all need to openly communicate our life experiences, goals, and ideals to achieve the complete puzzle of democracy for generations to come.

Now . . . what do you believe? 

             Read Interviews With Veterans- Their Life Paths And Military History Of That Era

 Click on the link   .... VET VIEWS ....

If you wish, you may download this article here. Thank you.

The Legion Calendar Page Has a New Look!

Each month will feature events throughout our history that have and continue to affect our country. Read why October is a scary month for many of our vets.