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We Love Hearing From Our Guests Visiting Our Home Base!
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   We welcome all veterans who have served, or are presently serving, from any of the armed services to visit our legion. Post 154 is open to the public for community events. If visiting in the Canteen, the bar, please sign our guest registry upon entering. We invite you to join us in casual conversation, share a favorite libation, partake in our great home cookin', or try your luck at bingo!
   Additionally, we extend an invitation to you to consider signing up for a membership
and join this wonderful group at Post 154 dedicated to preserving the honor and service of all veterans, past, present, and future.  


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  The website is undergoing some changes. The format will be moving into more of an electronic magazine style. Articles will be included on veterans issues and historical accounts of past and present military events that have, and continue to affect all of us.
  A new series of articles, "Vet Views", featuring interviews with veterans, the families, friends, and their life changing paths are now included. It is my intent to put a face on the word "veteran".  Seen below are links to the beginning of the new format. 
  I invite all visiting our Tybee Island American Legion's site to share links or articles regarding our veterans, or interesting history you think is important to share.  I welcome all who would like to be part of the ongoing series "Vet Views" to contact me and schedule an interview jacque@tybeeisalndamericanlegion.org
   Thank you for your interest, thank you for supporting the veterans!
   Jacque Dorazio . Post 154 Website Designer . ALA Member


Contributing Writer John Calvert

Includes a fictional view "If The Otranto Could Talk"
~ Jacque Dorazio

Seventeen Days Later

Jimmy Carter, Marine, Vietnam

Tybee Island Color Guard, PTSD

3-D Diorama Americana Art