In the beginning  .  .  .

  he men of American Legion Post 154 invited
the ladies of Tybee Island to join the legion
family by establishing Tybee Island American
Legion Auxiliary Unit 154 in January, 1941.
The first president was Mrs. Nell V. Devine
presiding January 21, 1941 - October 1942.
The first members of Unit 154 typed entries in a notebook documenting their volunteer efforts to the community and veterans causes. This wonderful piece of history reveals an interesting timeline of events the ladies provided and the challenges of maintaining a working budget. Many of these events are still provided by Unit 154 today.
In 2017 a history wall was created in the legion's hall displaying pages from the original archives.
The project initially began when Lillian Bown found the notebook in an office drawer just after she became president in 2016. One evening, in the legion hall. Lillian shared the significant find with Janice Elliott, Patrice Rahn, and Jacque Dorazio. They also noted the lack of presence the Ladies Auxiliary had on the walls in the legion hall. The Legion had their space, the SAL had their space. The members all agreed the women needed to share their legacy with visitors to the hall- and possibly gain some new members! ...  

Together, ALA members Jacque Dorazio, Post 154 web designer, and ALA Historian, Denise Winn focused on Unit 154's history wall. Jacque scanned & framed pages from the notebook representing the early timeline and insight of what the first Unit 154 did for the community. Denise contributed her framed photographs of current events Unit 154 has provided the Tybee community- paralleling the legacy of the first membership of Unit 154.

Thank you Lillian for fulfilling your goal of bringing to light the past legacy of Unit 154.

Thanks to Nick Dorazio, SAL member, who hung the archives on the walls. 

The slideshow viewed below are pages taken from the original notebook.  

These selected pages were scanned, framed, and now hang in the Legion family hall at Post 154.

The cover of the ALA Unit 154 first notebook is seen above.

To view additional, original, scanned pages from the notebook please see the pdf file below. We hope you find this glimpse of Unit 154's legacy as interesting.

We invite you to the hall to view Unit 154's history wall along with vintage photos of Post 154 and Squadron 154.

If you have any related pieces of memorabilia we invite you to share them! 


Lillian Brown . President 2016-2017
Acknowledging her appointment and future goal projection
for Tybee Island American Legion Auxiliary Unit 154
Our legacy continues  .  .  .
our past presidents, their goals, their thoughts  .  .  .
Wanda Kindrick 
President 2015-2016
Acknowledging her appointment and future goal projection
for Tybee Island American Legion Auxiliary Unit 154