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  The Post 154 website is your electronic magazine featuring articles on veterans issues and historical accounts of past and present military events that have, and continue to affect all of us.
   A series of articles, "Vet Views", features interviews with veterans, their families, friends, and their life changing paths. It is my intent to put a face on the word "veteran".   
  I invite all visiting Tybee Island American Legion's site to share links or articles regarding our veterans, add to featured articles, or interesting history you think is important to share.  I welcome all who would like to be part of the ongoing series  "Vet Views" to contact me and schedule an interview jacque@tybeeisalndamericanlegion.org
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   We welcome all veterans who have served, or are presently serving,
from any of the armed services to visit our legion.
Post 154 is open to the public for community events.
If you are visiting as a guest in the Canteen, our bar, please sign our guest registry upon entering. The Canteen is an adult only watering hole.
We invite members and the community to join us in casual conversation, share a favorite libation, partake in our great home cookin', or try your luck at bingo!

                                           Read About This Vietnam Veteran's Life Path And His Account Of The Retreival Of APOLLO 14

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   Memorial Park on Tybee Island Georgia is home to the Tybee Island Veteran's Circle of Freedom Memorial Monument that enshrines and encompasses brave souls from each branch of our services. It is a representation of a community that stands proudly together supporting all that this nation represents- love of family, freedom for all. 


Who Was The First Nation To Use Herbicidal Warfare?

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Veterans Day, November 11, 2019 ...

   We shall pause and recognize this national day of rememberance for all the service men and women- and K9's:) who have selflessly dedicated chapters in their lives to preserve and defend our freedom of life, liberty and happiness for past, present and future generations..

Let this moment be shared among all of us without any political biases. 

Veterans Day was established November 11, 1918

to honor the end of WWI.

Officially, it was passed in 1938 to become a federal holiday, Armistice Day, dedicated to the cause of world peace and honoring those veterans.

After continued war campaigns, WWII and Korea, Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day June 1,1954 to honor veterans of all wars.

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                                        Read About These Veterans Life Paths And Military History Of That Era

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Veterans Day ... Did you Know?? ...

   In 1968 the "Uniform Bill Holiday" was enacted granting a 3-day weekend for federal employess and allowing Mondays off for 4 national holidays: Washington's Birthday, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. This meant the November celebrated Veterans Day would be moved to the 4th Monday of October! Many states expressed their dismay by remaining to celebrate Veterans Day in November. Under the new law the 1st Veterans Day would be set- October 25, 1971. September 20, 1975 President Gerald R Ford stepped in to eliminate the increased confusion to honor our service men and women. He signed into law the return of the originally set date November 11th resuming in 1978! ...   France, Britain, and Canada also observe November 11th honoring all who fought for freedom.